What ‘Cha Think?

We have a new look!

Have you noticed? Surely you have. Um, take a look.

Personally, I like it! WS Susan mentioned at our meeting last Saturday that the black background and white lettering was hard on her eyes. I’d never thought about it but I guess it is. As it so happened, our wonderful web mistress, Ashlynn Pearce, made it to the meeting and she said she’d look at it. Still up at midnight, I checked the site and she was hard at work on it then. Boy, this woman doesn’t let any grass grow under her feet!

So give us some feedback. Do you like the new look better? Is it easier on the eyes? Or would you rather have the white lettering with black background? Speak up. Don’t be shy. We don’t bite.

Well, not too hard, anyway. 😉

Oh, yeah. I need to relate this to writing, don’t I? Okay. How do you think a website affects your writing presence on the Net? If you’re published, do you see an increase in your sales when you blog about your latest release? If you haven’t published yet, do you think it will help you when you do? Do you think how the website actually looks makes a difference if an editor or agent were looking to publish your work?

Yes, I know. Loaded questions. Guess I’m just trying to find out how you utilize websites in your writing career.

There. That should be simple enough. (ahem)


6 thoughts on “What ‘Cha Think?

  1. Thanks, guys!! I knew before I designed the last one that black background with white letter was the hardest to read — as a web person I I knew this already. Glad you like the new look!

    It was a simple and easy fix! 🙂

  2. Yes, I think our blogs should reflect our writing voice. Good way to ‘present’ ourselves. You’re right, there are a multitude of avenues to publicaton and we should look at using whatever we can to get there. Besides a well written story, that is. 🙂

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