New Week…New Beginnings

Linda here.

It’s Monday and the start of a new work week. Lucky me doesn’t work at the DDJ anymore, but I do have a fun filled week ahead of me. No. Not my normal goof off sleeping in late thing (but to my credit, I DO stay up really late at night! hehe).

Nope. This week I’m in Texas. Canyon, TX to be exact – at the Writers Academy. They have 4 different workshops to choose from. Catch the word ‘work’ here. We won’t be sitting back and listening like you do at National. Instead, the instructors will be putting us through our paces, stretching us to (hopefully) a new level of writing. That’s why I decided to attend . . . to improve and grow as a writer. In addition, they have other activities and workshops in the afternoons and evenings. Don’t think any grass will grow under my feet this week and that I’ll come home just too pooped to pop.

When I told my hubby I was thinking about going to this workshop, he gave me a thumbs up and said to go for it. Bless his heart. Isn’t it great when your spouse supports you whole heartedly? I don’t know how those whose husbands give them grief about their writing manage to stay positive and keep slugging along. Having someone shove you out the door, telling you to have a good time means the world to me. Wouldn’t trade him for the world! (Yes, he’s my own personal hero.)

I had said earlier in the year that I’d planned to go to a couple of regional conferences instead of National this year. This is one of them. Granted I had to drive 400 miles by myself (ugh), but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

Now I’d better be off to class. Don’t want to be late the very first day. 😉 Hope your week will be just as productive (in whatever creative endeavor you chose) as mine.

Linda Trout


4 thoughts on “New Week…New Beginnings

  1. With any other guy, I would say Jack pushed out the front door so his hussy could squirm in the back door. But your Jack has always been your rock. I hope you bring home lots of info to share. Shouldn’t think there is too much more you need to learn since you’re already such a great writer!

    • You’re right, Jackie. My hubby is my rock and supports me wholeheartedly. As far as me needing to learn more stuff, there’s ALWAYS something you can learn. I’m meeting lots of people and (hopefully) making new friends. I was really hestitant to come to this both this year and in years past. Now that I’m here, I regret not having come before. 😦

    • It was a wonderful week…and I’m exhausted.

      Isn’t that the way it should be? I made some wonderful new friends, learned a ton and found out how to fix a plot problem in one of my stories with the help of my classmates. I’m going back next year. Don’t know who the speakers will be or what the classes will be about, but I’m going.

      Wanna’ come with me? Anyone? Everyone? 🙂

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