For the past three years, I’ve being using the printer from Hell.  It was one of those HP All-in-One and I hated it within three weeks of owning it.  In the first place, the paper feed only held approximately 20 pages.  It seemed like I was refilling it every 10 minutes.  And if that wasn’t enough, it was always jamming. Especially with any paper over 20 pound bond.

Lo and behold, about two weeks ago, the sucker jammed again and this time I couldn’t clear it.  Luckily, I have a portable printer I could use, but I was ticked at the idea that I would have to spend good money to fix it.  But then, I decided to find the silver lining; I had a great excuse for buying another printer.  And to keep from changing my mind, I gave the old one, printer, software, and user manual to the guy that repaired the drywall in my closet.

So off I go, debating what to get.  I thought about a laser printer.  It’s always been a goal of mine, even when I was doing amateur publishing.  But because I do more than just printing off my manuscript, I have to own a color, multi-function printer.  To buy a laser one would cost me more than I could justify.  Maybe when I make the New York Times Bestselling list, that’ll be my reward.

So off I go to the nearest Office Depot.  I was only going to comparison shop, but as I tried to find my way to the correct section, I passed an end cap display and fell in love.  It was big.  It was black.  It was a bad boy printer and I’m in love.  Take a look.

To set it up, you need an engineering degree.  I had to load in two printing heads and four ink cartridges. Then it took 20 minutes to just align them all.  But once it was done,  he ran like a beauty.  One thing I really loved is this dohicky for double-sided printing.  All my other printers would do two-sided printing, but I always have to flip the pages by hand.  With this printer,  the page prints one side, then dohicky sucks it back, and magically prints the other side.  Very cool.

Yeah, I’m in love!


6 thoughts on “IT’S BIG! IT’S BLACK! IT’S AWESOME!

  1. But is it wireless? My new printer is wireless. 8)

    I had a color laser printer and I found that the total cost of ownership went way up because of the cost of the toner cartridges. I could have bought a new printer for the cost of changing out the toner cartridges twice. Depressing.

    Bought an inkjet this time. spw

    • Mine is wireless, too, but I don’t understand the value of a wireless printer. Why should I set it up as a wireless?

      • Now I can tell you don’t lay in bed on your laptop using your wireless network. That’s when a wireless printer comes in handy. I found myself schlepping to the printer, stabbing the wire in and then hitting print. This time, wireless. spw

  2. I have an old laser printer — HP Laser Jet 4 that I bought when it was new to the market close to 20 years ago. Still prints like a dream. But I used much cheaper HP inkjets for my everyday and color printing.

    I know someone who buys the cheapest printers she can find; when the cartridge that comes with them runs out, she donates them to charity, takes a tax deduction and buys a new one. Works for her!

    Your printer looks cool, Jackie!!!!!!!!

    • Mine is wireless, too, but I don’t understand the value of a wireless printer. Why should I set it up as a wireless?

      Thanks, Marilyn. I love it. Now if only I could love my new Windows 7 upgrade and figure out how to upgrade my MS Office to 2010. I’m ’bout ready to go Mac!

  3. Okay, Sandee! Now I understand. I don’t use my laptop in bed, but I do in my recliner. I love the idea of printing off my Kindle receipts or an article from the Web without getting up. And i can even do two sided printing without leaving my chair. Sweet!

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