I Also Hate…

Okay, you all know how much I hate promoting my own books. Yes, yes, I understand and accept that I have to do, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. There is something else I hate as a writer and that is changing software.

I just upgraded my laptop to Windows 7, my MS word to Word 2010, and got a new printer. This means I have to learn new…stuff. You know, the different ways of doing things. Learning where THEY moved the commands. The new things now available to “improve” your work. The biggest problem is it takes time to do all this and I’m the first to admit, I get impatient.

Let’s start with changing the entire operating system. From day one, I hated MS Vista. The first sin was it wouldn’t accept my Rocket software. Shame!! It meant I can no longer load books to my Rocket eReaders. And Vista marked the first time I had an OS that wouldn’t take my games. Oh, wait! You’re not supposed to know I waste time playing games. Oops!

Okay, on to the Word 2010. Uhhhh, I haven’t had time to figure it out yet. Hmmm, guess if I’m gonna keep writing, I’d better do it next. *Sigh*

Crap! What’s that on the shelf? *Double sigh* That’s the Dragon voice software I bought seven months ago, figuring I’d put it on after I changed the OS. Just what I need. Another day of aggravation.

Now, you see why I also hate software change. Could someone PLEASE invent a computer whose software changes automatically without making me pull my hair out???


6 thoughts on “I Also Hate…

  1. Good luck with that, Jackie. I wouldn’t TRUST software to change itself. What working in IT for 15 years taught me was to never be an early adopter. Let someone else work out the bugs… I don’t want my system to update at all, unless I give it the nod. Plus, how are they going to squeeze additional money out if you if it does it all by itself?? Not gonna happen. spw

  2. I hate getting new systems, too, Jackie. The commands of the old system are imprinted on my brain all the way down to my fingertips. Don’t have to think about how to do something, the fingers already know. But with new systems . . . **major sigh**

  3. I’ll be happy enough the next time I get a new computer that I can take it to the geek place in Tulsa and they’ll transfer all my old stuff to the new one. That’s a big enough hassle for me. I hate having to learn new commands!

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