Gee, seems like only yesterday we were just a baby… 🙂

You know, I never get tired of watching fireworks, or seeing our flag wave. We live in a great nation. We’ve been through good times and bad but despite it all, we persevere. If you compare us to some nations around the world, we’re still just a kid and therefore still having growing pains. But I have faith that the United States of America will continue to stand strong and grow.

Enjoy your cookouts, trips to the lakes, etc today. Just remember that we had to fight for the freedom to do so and will have to continue fighting. But I truly believe it’s worth the sacrifices and salute those that have done so.

Go Red, White and Blue

God Bless America!

Linda Trout


4 thoughts on “HAPPY 235th AMERICA!

  1. As we celebrate America’s 235th Independence Day with parades, fireworks, going to the lake, barbeques, hamburgers and hotdogs — and competitive eating — let us also remember and give thanks to our brave men and women who have served and are currently serving in our Armed Forces to keep America free!

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