Hi, I’m Jackie…and I’m a bookoholic!

I’ve been in love with reading a long time. I started reading by myself when I was three and, by the time I finished fifth grade, I had read every book in school library. Fortunately, I had a wonderful library teacher, Mrs. Harris, and she did several things for me. She had me tutor other kids who had trouble reading, she had me read every new book that came in and give her a synopsis of it, and best of all, she introduced me to the public library.

The library was my godsend. They had more books than even I could read. I was limited on how many I could check out, but I was able to read longer, more complex books than my school library had on their shelves. Yahoo! But, I ran into a small problem. Whenever I got a book I really liked, I had to give it back. A few times I even got them back on time, but usually not. My family considers that the Suburban Acres Library was funded with my overdue fees.

In my adulthood, I hit Nirvana! I could buy my own books! Any I didn’t like, I could trade in at used book stores. Money tight? I just bought books from garage sales. The largest amount of used books that I bought at once was 167; they were titles recommended in Kathryn Falk’s paperback HOW TO WRITE A ROMANCE. The only problem with this method is I tended to accumulate more books than I got rid of, but I usually solved that issue by moving to bigger quarters.

Now, I’m coming up on the end of my life. Part of my reason for getting a Kindle was to reduce my paperback library. Partly because I need to de-hoard my house, but mostly, when I make that final journey to a nursing home, I can take all my favorite titles with me. All the books I love so much, I can store in my Kindle and they’ll never go out of print. It’s easy, cheap, and addictive. But in the past three weeks, I have downloaded approximatally 100 books. None by any author I’ve ever read. Some are genres I don’t even read. None have replaced books in my library, but they have been free, so I downloaded them. At this rate, I’ll have more books than I can read or re-read in two lifetimes.

Help?? Is there a Bookoholic Anonymous? I really need help!


9 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Jackie…and I’m a bookoholic!

  1. You’re gonna have to find an answer to this dilemma Jackie, or you’ll never be able to find the titles you DO want to read. I think the Kindle/ebook has been a Godsend for those of us who are aggressive readers. I want to have easily accessible copies of my favorites to read and re-read. But I don’t necessarily want to line my home in bookcases.

    Good luck. And when you figure it out, share. spw

  2. I’m getting closer and closer to a Kindle as my office fills with books. The Kindle doesn’t smell either if the titles are old. 🙂

  3. Um, gee, Jackie, there’s a problem here? I thought writers were SUPPOSED to have more books residing in their homes than many small-town libraries. It’s part of the writing gene code or something.

    I’m right there with you on the Kindle. I was looking at the copies of my own books filling the office shelves yesterday and remembering years ago when a writer friend’s house burned down. She lost every copy of her books, including a bunch of out of print, and was desperately trying to find each one since an author NEEDS her own books, right? It was a nightmare, and encouraged me, when we lived on the coast, to have an entire set of my books packed for possible hurricane-evacuation.

    Now, everything I’ve written is available as an ebook or wil be soon. If, God forbid, my office burned, replacing my books would be the least of my worries. I LOVE that.

  4. But isn’t it a wonderful addiction to have, Jackie? 🙂

    I have a ton of books, also. Both ones I’ve read and waiting to be read. When the stack of read books gets too deep, I bundle them up and share them with the older ladies at church that are on limited income. Clears out shelf space for me and gives them something to read. It’s a win-win.

  5. That is one bennie, Linda. Once I buy the books for my Kindle, my DIL takes the paperbacks to pass around. This leaves me shelf space for books I can’t get on Kindle. My win-win.

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