Endings and Beginnings

Every story has a beginning, middle and end. For romance the ending HAS to have a happily ever after. I’m happy to announce Romance Writers Ink More Than Magic published author contest has its HEA for the 2011 contest! The winners have been notified and the announcements made. All that’s left to do is send out the certificates and Magic Pins. Then I’m officially DONE wrapping up that contest. Whoopee!

Now comes the beginning. Well, not the actual beginning – so I guess it’s more like the middle – of our Where the Magic Begins contest for unpublished authors. (Can I take a breath here? No? {Grumble, grumble. sigh} Okay. I’ll get back to work.)

Yep, the contest is in full swing and we’re now accepting entries. We have a FANTASTIC line-up of final round judges! See our website at www.rwimagiccontests.wordpress.com for the editor’s names and contest details.

Man, wouldn’t it be great to get your pages in front of one of those editors? Hey, one of our entrants SOLD as a direct result of our last contest. Who knows? This year just might be your year to sell as a result of coughing up the measly $25 ($27 via PayPal) to enter the contest. At the very least you’ll get some great feedback from our first round judges.

We also allow people who haven’t sold in the last three years to enter an unpubbed manuscript. All it takes is 25 pages, a one page (un-judged) synopsis and the nerve to put yourself out there. Piece of cake, folks.

Don’t delay. The clock’s ticking . . . the deadline is August 1st!!

We’re working hard on the ‘middle’ of the 2011 WTMB contest and I’m looking forward to the day when I can announce this contests HEA. Hey. I need a rest. 🙂

Linda Trout

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