Ticked Off Tuesday

Today is my day to gripe. It’s hot! The pasture is turning an awful shade of ecru, the weeds are knee-high, and my energy has evaporated. So…stay in and write. Ha! My muse must still be in the Philippines. Or sixty feet underwater where the fish are plentiful and the colors are mesmerizing.

I thought taking Friday to dive would send me back into work mode. Nope. Not happening. Picked out a book to read, “Lost at Sea –Ghost Ships and Other Mysteries.” How did this book get published? Drier than an economics textbook! However it is a perfect book to induce a nap.

How are you beating the summer heat?


4 thoughts on “Ticked Off Tuesday

  1. I stay indoors during the heat of the day. If I need to go outside, like to do yardwork, I do it either early in the morning or after 8PM. Late in the evenings I have lots of shade so it isn’t so bad. But the heat does zap your energy – and creativity. 😦

    • Linda–
      Same here. We’re lucky our garden is completely shaded by the house and trees for the afternoon sun.
      The energy zap is what I hate.

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