No, not egg yokes, silly. OX yokes. (Yes, you heard me right.)

I feel as if RWI is like an ox with a yoke around its neck. That’s not a bad thing, by the way. In fact, it’s very good.

A yoke goes around the neck of an ox so that two animals can pull a wagon or plow or whatever, together. What I didn’t realize is that there is always one ‘experienced’ animal and an ‘inexperienced’ one. The object is for the ox that’s experienced to teach the other.

That’s pretty much how RWI is. (Except we aren’t paired off, per se.) What I’ve found is that those that have been around the publishing industry awhile readily and gladly put on the yoke so that they can teach the newbies how it’s done. It’s one of the reasons why our chapter is so strong. (In my humble opinion.)

I know in the past we’ve espoused about how great RWI is. I just hadn’t thought of us in quite these terms before and thought it was so appropriate to how our chapter functions.

So here’s to the YOKE we share, ladies!

Linda Trout


7 thoughts on “Yokes

  1. Nice analogy. I’ve often thought that the RWA was the most nurturing environment for a beginning writer. And RWI is the best of all chapters for encouraging the new kids. spw

  2. Hm, is that why my neck hurts? 🙂

    I appreciate the comparison to oxen. They’re beautiful, strong, intelligent animals, and I think we all are, too.

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