Hidden Treasures

What indoor activities keep you occupied during this horrible heat wave? Besides your writing, that is. I decided to make a stab at cleaning my office. Mind you it’s an old walk-in closet that’s L shaped. There’s a bookshelf back there and plenty of room to dump ‘junk’. And dump I did. For years. Ugh.

But it was time to clean it up.

Once I’d made a fair size dent in the mess, filing some of the info, trashing A LOT
more, I found a box with some miscellaneous stuff in it. That’s where I found hidden treasures. There were handouts from different speakers RWI has had over the years, helpful hints on judging contests, things to do when submitting to editors/agents, etc. I kept digging and found some short stories I’d written decades ago. I thought I’d lost them. It was so much fun reading over my carefully crafted words, to go back to that place in time when I’d first written them. Ah, going down memory lane. *sigh*

But some of the best treasurers I found were bits of encouragement I’d received from various people over the years. Yes, those scraps of paper are golden. At least to me. As a newbie to the writing business I needed that encouragement. It kept me going. Praise from others still keep me going when I stumble.

So whenever you’re going over a newbie’s pages, keep in mind that what you say will affect them – for years to come. Let your words of praise be THEIR treasurers.

Linda Trout


7 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures

  1. Although I’m a tough judge, I always give encouragement. Not a whole lot of praise — I’ll point out stuff the author’s doing well, but spend more time on what they’re stumbling over, because that’s what will keep them from selling. And I’m tickled as can be when I hear that an entry I’ve judged has sold. I’m like a proud auntie.

    • I love to hear when someone from our contest sells! ESPECIALLY if it was a direct result from the contest.

      When someone tells me they love a character, or a sentence in my story, I beam. However, when they tell me it’s good writing BUT I need to do xxx to make it stronger, I’ll have an ‘aha’ moment. Which improves my writing.

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