The Sounds of Summer

 With the heat being so dreadful, I’m not outside much. But have you ever listened to the sounds of summer? I know not all parts of the country, or the world for that matter, experience summer the way we do at Twisted Creek Ranch.  I can’t imagine a summer with the clack of cicadas–we called them Katydids when I was little. If I’m very still, I can hear the wind whispering through the brittle grass, now bleached from the scorching heat. I think of it as death cries. The earth moans as all the moisture is being sucked from it.

While in the shade of our oak trees, the dogs pant and every so often, climb into the water tub, their nails clacking against the plastic. The songs of birds have diminished to brief tweets. If I’m in town, I hear the tinny notes blaring from the truck of the ice cream man as he circles the neighborhoods. Or the sound of splashing water and laughter made by kids in the pools covered by fabric canopies.

What sounds mean summer to you?


8 thoughts on “The Sounds of Summer

  1. The one sound that always says “summer” to me is the sound of the ocean surf. My favorite summer days were spent at the beach. spw

  2. Lovely images, Meg!

    A cicada flew in the back door the other day, only to be pounced upon by our fuzzy Chance. The whine ended with the sound of crunching.

    Tree frogs are one of our regular summer sounds. The miniature donkeys braying. The rooster from way down the road crowing. Oh, yeah, and the distant gunfire from the police department shooting range a couple miles away.

    • Thanks, Marilyn!
      I forgot about tree frogs.
      Too funny about Chance!
      I haven’t heard donkey brays in ages, but I remember all too well.
      LOL on the gunfire!

  3. My sounds of summer include the quiet hum of my air conditioner. Ice clinking in my ice tea. The soft padding of my fingertip as I flip pages on my Kindle. My anguished cries those times I have no choice but to go out into this blasted heat!

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