A Little Schizophrenia, Anyone?

I’ve got two projects going right now: one a Harlequin Romantic Suspense Copper Lake book and a new idea. Both are parts of a series, so not only are there the usual characters you find in a stand-alone book, but there’s all sorts of details and recurring characters that have to be tracked.

And, frankly, my brain is full to the brim of stuff. I’ll be typing along and suddenly come to my hero’s or heroine’s name and not be able to think of it to save my life. The really sad thing is that this occurs usually within minutes of having typed the name the last time. And, yeah, I keep notes handy. It’s just that the notes cover over 300 characters right now, and sometimes I can’t remember which book I’m actually in, so the notes don’t always help.

It’s tough when you’re as disorganized as I am. Sometimes I think if I were more organized, I could get so much more done, but the idea of being organized is so alien that I’m more likely to sprout wings and fly to the moon.

If I could just split my personality and assign each book a different one . . .




6 thoughts on “A Little Schizophrenia, Anyone?

  1. I don’t know how you do it Marilyn. I’m sure I’d screw stuff up all the time. Trying to juggle 300 characters makes my brains hurt. spw

    • This is what comes from writing a never-ending series. 🙂

      I rely a great deal on Post-It notes and Excel. I actually rearranged my office so I’d have a counter top next to my desk where I can stick notes. I tried color-coding them to books, but that didn’t work. I just grab the first pad my fingers touch.

    • It’s pitiful, isn’t it? Plus there are street names from the multiple cities where the books take place, calendars to track, businesses, vehicles, ages in particular books . . .

      And yet I’ve always been drawn to series. Even when I set out to write a stand-alone book, it seems to grown on its own.

  2. I’ve been called organized (mainly b/c I take tons of stuff with me to the meeting and have what others are needing). But if they saw my office, they’d retract that statement. I can find things related to what I’m working on AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME. Other than that, it’s hunt and dig.

    300 characters? Too massive to even contemplate!

    • That’s good to know, Linda, because it seems you ALWAYS have what you need at your fingertips. I’m so bad that when I file something important, I have to put a note on the bulletin board (plus sometimes the computer, the refrigerator, the calendar, etc.) reminding me where I put it. Ugh!

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