Last Call

What does that mean to you? Hmm. I think a lot of folks equate that with closing time at a favorite bar or pub.

But, nope. In this case I’m talking about our contest for unpubbed romance authors. Today, Monday August 15th at midnight is the deadline to enter. Remember, we have a great line-up of final round judges so if you’ve been trying to get your manuscript read by someone in New York, this is your chance.

Visit our website,, for all the details. If you have a question and you can’t find the answer on the Information button, or the FAQ button (on the right side), then email me at

You know the old saying, Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained? Well they can’t read your stuff if you don’t enter the contest. So get cracking! You can get that baby polished today and get it entered! I promise we’ll be nice to it. 😉

Linda Trout

Where the Magic Begins Contest Coordinator



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