Do you have it?   Some days,  it is all I can do to get one thing accomplished, usually that’s not even writing related. Which brings on the terrible Guilt Monster. (That’s another post!)

Just for today, I’m going to be dedicated to wearing a smile.

And clothes. To protect the eyes of others I might encounter.   😉


5 thoughts on “Dedication

  1. Meg,

    I don’t think it’s bad to have a single goal for each day. If you can cross it off your list, it’s done.

    I need to get back on the daily writing bandwagon myself. It was so much easier when I met weekly with a critique group! I guess I miss my peer pressure. spw

  2. Okay, I’m just lazy. 🙂 Not as much fun as bipolar/ocd, but there it is. 🙂

    As long as you do SOMETHING every day . . . and then maybe you’ll build up to doing TWO things a day. Maybe — let’s dream big — even THREE.

    Smiling — with or withou clothes — is a pretty good start.

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