Vacation Spots

We all have our favorite vacation spots. But sometimes we like to try someplace new. After all, it’s a BIG world and LOTS of places to see. Everyone that knows me realize my hubby and I like to go to Alaska. Why? Why not. It’s a huge state so we can visit different places and never get bored.

Some, like Meg, head for the water so they can scuba. Me? Nope. I’ll stay on the beach and enjoy the view, thank you very much. This year, we’re considering going to New England for the fall foliage tour. Only been to NE once and loved it. I’m sure being there when the leaves change colors will be fantastic. (Recommendations, anyone?)

But do you ever choose a vacation spot for the sole purpose of doing research for a book? I know Merline Lovelace loves to travel and those destinations very shortly wind up as the landscape for one of her books. Nice way to take trips and still write a portion of the expenses off as business related. And the proof is on the store shelves.

So tell me. Is there an exotic location you’d like to visit? And will you weave a story around it? Hurry. I want to read all about it. 😉

Linda Trout


5 thoughts on “Vacation Spots

  1. When I use a real place as a setting, I try to visit there if I can. I know you can do a great job researching online, but there’s just something about seeing it for real that adds a little impact to it. But that’s partly why I like to set stories in fictional places. No one can tell you your geography is wrong!

    I’m currently working on a book that’s set partly in Cozumel. Glad I went there so I can get the feel right. 😉

    • You’re right. It really helps to visit a location before writing about it. That way you’ll know about a big oak tree on the corner of 4th & Elm, etc. (as an example). You can add more personal details. But fictional towns are good, too. Easier!

      After your trip to Cozumel last year, I should have anticipated you having a book set there. Can’t wait to read it!

    • Woman, you’ve been EVERYWHERE, haven’t you? (You world traveler, you.) I’ve been just over the boarder into Mexico a couple times…the same for Canada. Other than that, no international traveling. Oh, well. Such is life.

  2. I’ve been over most of USA and would like to take an extended European tour, especially United Kingdom. My absolute want-go-to place is…yep, you can guess, right? Space…the final frontier!

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