Sandee talked Thursday about being organized and finding order. Honestly, Sandee, considering the past year of your life, I’m happy you remember your name and current location!

I read a flippant comment somewhere about RoUTine. I like being in a rut. Nothing in my life goes as well as when I’m on deadline. I know what I need to do every day, and I do it. If there’s not a deadline looming, I am the Queen — nay, Goddess of Procrastination. My productive days go like this: I get up, have breakfast at my computer (oatmeal and coffee), play MahJong, check email (occasionally), read what I wrote the day before, then write new pages.

Any day I break that routine, I don’t stand much chance of accomplishing anything. Unfortunately, following the routine doesn’t mean I’ll accomplish anything, either. I may get lost in an endless loop of MahJong. The husband might lure me away with the promise of a meal out. I might go to the house for a cup of ice and wind up watching two hours of Cops and the George Lopez Show. I might need a nap. (Aw, heck, I always need a nap.)

But at least with the routine, I’ve got a chance at getting something done. That’s all a person can ask, isn’t it?



4 thoughts on “Routine

  1. I love routine. 🙂 But that’s not too surprising considering I’m a Virgo and keep a sticky note on my desk for my weekly tasks. Sometimes the tasks get finished, sometimes not, but the note is always there.
    Here’s my new school day routine:
    Get up (5:30) I auto wake up, no alarm–goof off w/email, FB
    put on walking clothes
    Walk kidlet to school and keep on walking to Southcrest Hospital and back.
    drink Green Monster smoothie
    Write @ 9:30
    It seems to work for me.

    • I’m not surprised you’re organized, Mags. I wake up most mornings about 4, but I’m stubborn. I stay in bed until I go back to sleep. Most days I’m lucky to drag myself out by 8.

      I wish I had a good place to walk here. I read your blog about all the birds and things you see on your walk. I walk on a dirt-and-gravel road and don’t have the best of sense of balance anyway, so I keep my gaze on the road. That’s a nice little jaunt to SCH and back.

      I need to have a SET time to start working. Too bad I can’t program MahJong to turn off at a specific time. 😉

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