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I’m packing for the RWI’s retreat. I’m so excited and figure I’ll forget something important–like my suitcase or my buttermilk. (I’m making biscuits for Day 1 breakfast.) But our retreat site isn’t far from town, so anything we forget we’ll be easily replaced. (Whew!)

I might have forgotten Saturday’s my day to blog, except I was sent this video on Facebook and it triggered my memory.

Check it out. It’s fun, sassy and a great reminder to take care of things (like mammograms and doctor visits) ASAP.

It’s a ton of fun . . .

and it made me cry. Maybe if we’d had videos such as that back in the 70’s, we wouldn’t have lost my MIL to that terrible disease at such a young age.

The arrow on this mammogram points to a small ...

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She knew she had a lump in her breast, but chose to ignore it for many months. Finally, when her nipple took on an irregular shape, she went to see a doctor.

She had a mastectomy and all the treatments available at that time, but we lost her five years later, three months after my second son was born.

So watch the video. Remember to go to the doctor and for the scans when you need to. Mammos are not a lot of fun, but it’s better than chickening out on life!

What was the date of your last mammogram?

Is it time to schedule another?

5 thoughts on “Pink Glove Video

    • Good for you, Sandee! It’s important.
      I’m curious at it, though. Would you let us know if it’s like a mammo in Okie-Land or if they have a different way of handling it? I’d appreciate it.

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