The Don’t-Care TV Season

We’re underprivileged up here on the hill. There’s no cable, and our satellite dish proved to be more of a lightning magnet than an entertainment source. So we pretty much make do with network TV.

I was really looking forward to the fall season. Revenge — I love me a good revenge story. Prime Suspect — I like Maria Bello, too, and loved the teaser where the little boy of a murdered woman touches Bello’s gun and says he would kill the man who did it, and Bello replies, “I would help.”A new season of Blue Bloods, NCIS, Law & Order with one of my favorite actresses, Kelli Giddish, and — of course! — Harry’s Law.

Kelli Giddish

So far, my response has been nyah. Revenge is okay, but not enough that I make a point of seeing it. Prime Suspect totally lost me in the 2nd episode. Sorry, Maria, will wait for your next show. I haven’t been able to watch an entire episode of NCIS, but Blue Bloods is still good.

My biggest disappointment is Harry’s Law. Where’s Jenna? Malcolm? Damian? Rachel? Where are the shoes that were such a hoot? Who are these new people and why are they taking up Adam’s and Tommy’s screen time? How does the same woman who played sweet Charlene on Designing Women pull off the total-bitch-I-want-her-gone DA so well? It’s still been fairly good, but everything/one that made me love it in the first place is gone or playing a minimal role, except Harry herself. I want the old crew and the old cases.

At least Criminal Minds brought back AJ and Emily. Someone in Hollywood is doing something right.

12 thoughts on “The Don’t-Care TV Season

    • You’d watch BB six hours a day if it were possible, sweetie — and fill in the rest of the day with Jesse Stone movies.

      And you like AJ and Spencer on Criminal Minds. And let’s not forget your crush on Kelli Giddish. 🙂

  1. I’ve been picking up whole seasons on DVD. Have enjoyed the heck out of “Justified” and “Lie to Me”. You should look those up. Sounds like a better way to view the good stuff. spw

    • I’ve found when I buy entire seasons of shows, I never make it all the way through. (Except NCIS’s and Medium’s first couple years.) I don’t know if it’s my attention span or the fact that my 14-year-old TV and ages-old DVD player don’t play well together. With the drabness of this season, though, I may have to try it again, because even cranky electronics are better than watching something pointless.

    • I totally agree! I’ve been watching Harry anyway, and I’m starting to get interested again, but I still want the old characters back!

  2. Meg, This won’t help you since it is not a network show. Sandee have you tried Dexter. Guaranteed a murder a show.

    I, too, miss the old Harry but since I love Kathy Bates I’ll keep watching til she gets cut. I’m still giving Prime Suspect a chance. Her character grew last night into a more maternal person by picking out the boyfriend’s son a great BD present. Also, she did several well done scenes with the wife of the murder victim. The growth arc between a woman who wanted nothing to do with her on to their last scene where they laughed over the man’s boss making a day three post murder booty attempt as our cop interrupted the widows toss out. It was real women bonding over the male of the species.

    • I’ll have to give it another shot, Robyn. I do like Maria Bello. I just thought her defense of the convicted pedophile in the second episode — to the point of not wanting his girlfriend to find out that he’d gone to prison for molesting a 9-year-old girl when she had an 8-year-old daughter living with her — was way unacceptable, given the recidivism rate of pedophiles.

      I like Kathy Bates, too, and will continue to watch Harry as I mourn last year’s cast and the shoes. It’s just that, with all the new characters, it’s more like watching a brand new show instead of a continuing series that I loved. But she’s a hoot, and Adam and Tommy Jefferson still have my adoration. 🙂

  3. So far, I’ve been cutting out some of my favorites because I’m watching waaaay too much TV. So good-bye Fringe, Sanctuary, Dexter, and Nurse Jackie. I DVR most of these, but never got a chance to watch, so decided these were the easiest to get rid of. However, not giving up Big Bang, NCIS, or Criminal Minds. Does sound like I’ll be leaving Harry unless I really bond with the new people.

    • I still like NCIS — I just haven’t found time to watch one all the way through because of other things going on — and I’ll always love Criminal Minds.

      I saw Big Bang for the first time last week and laughed all the way through. I’ve got to start catching up on some of the old episodes.

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