Ever notice how this word doesn’t produce the same action in people. Seriously, what does this word mean? I’m not going to bore you with the definition. The contest committee is still dealing with entries. We (and I’m speaking for Linda and the other chairs) take our responsibility to all entrants seriously. We take pride in the contest plus RWI’s reputation. We want repeat business.

Is it that much to ask that judges do the same? I’m thinking yes based solely on the entries that have come back “judged” and those that failed to do the same.

We are all busy. We all have full lives that scheduled with writing. Okay, I may be an exception here because I’m off on another adventure. We have dedicated far too many waking hours to this contest that benefits all the members of RWI.

When asked to judge unpublished entries, please take this responsibility seriously.


8 thoughts on “Responsibility

  1. I don’t understand this either, Meg. If you make the commitment, then stick to your promise. I’m one of the other type of judges who tends to put judging BEFORE my own writing. In fact, I just got another packet to judge for the Emily and plan to start working on it today. If I can send it back by Monday, then I can concentrate on my own editing. So many judges put it off and start judging at the last minute, only to realize the scoresheet is far more detailed than they expected or they had 3 out of 5 entries that were seriously in need of extensive comments. I check my entries when I receive them to see if I’ve judged them before, and usually get a decent idea if one or more of them will be time-consuming or not. But then again, I only read the first page and sometimes they fall apart immediately AFTER the first page!

    When I was working the MTM, I found that reminder emails went a LONG way to helping cattle-prod the judges into gear. Hope things improve soon!

  2. Me, too, Meg.

    I’ve had some wonderful judges in my categories this year, and I’m incredibly grateful to them for their time and help.

    Mags, reminder emails do help,especially in the published contest, since it’s not so big a job for the judges, but with the unpubbed, the judges who tend to not complete their entries also ignore the reminders. There were a few judges in past contests who I was pretty sure had their email filtered to send anything from me directly to the trash. šŸ™‚

    • *snort* Probably.

      I still don’t understand those judges. You ask them to confirm the entries they receive. If they can’t judge them for whatever reason, they should just tell the coordinator so the co-ord can immediately find an alt. judge instead of waiting until the last minute.

      Here’s an idea: get a list of all the lam-o judges and send their names to one of the contest loops to warn all the other coordinators to ban them from judging. šŸ™‚

      Too bad, it probably wouldn’t fly.

  3. Meg,

    It is a responsibility. I find it amazing that folks volunteer to judge and then either shirk the responsibility or do a bad job. Hey! How about just not volunteering if you don’t want to do it?? spw

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