Dis Connection

You ever have a disconnect from reality? You know, you see things one way, when really they’re totally different?

I’m having one of those moments now. Here’s how I like to see my life:

And here’s what my life has really been like the past few months:

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Is it any wonder I’m a little crazy?

You’d think anyone living with a zillion different people in her head would be a little bit of a nut case, but it’s not the characters and their crises that get to me. It’s been crowded in there for as long as I can remember. That’s normal to me.

It’s the real part of life that frazzles me. It’s not as easily lived as my characters’ lives. Sure, they get threatened and shot at and are running for their lives, but they don’t have to pay bills or mow the grass or do laundry. They don’t have to figure out what’s for dinner or rotate outside five puppers who have the tiniest bladders of any animals that ever lived. (Okay, I know not one of them could possibly have to pee every five seconds, but that’s their story and they’re sticking with it.)

My characters never wake up to discover they have no clean underwear and all the coffee mugs are sitting in the sink. They never inhale enough pollen to send their allergies into a frenzy, and they never find chicken parts making their garbage smell like rotting corpses. They always have whatever they need (unless not having it leads to someone trying to kill them), and they always get a happy, pretty carefree ending.

Happy, I got. Carefree? Hmm. I don’t think I’m familiar with that word.


10 thoughts on “Dis Connection

    • We don’t, because our yard’s not fenced. We USED to take them on walks to do their business . . . by the time we got to four, we realized walking them four to six times a day was NOT working.They’re climbers, diggers and acrobats, so I’m not sure what kind of fence would keep them in, besides maybe six feet of steel with concertina wire across the top.

  1. Marilyn–
    It is nice to have a sympathetic sister who totally understands.
    Looking forward to a bit of beach time. Um, I want the body that woman has.

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