Advice For Newbies

If I could give advice to new writers it would be: Not every word  you write will be golden, nor will all your stories be sellable .  I was lucky to have Marilyn as a critique partner early, so I have her to thank. And while everything you write may not make a slush pile, you will learn and grow in your craft. As long as you listen and accept what others who know more take the time to give.

What advice would you give a new writer?



9 thoughts on “Advice For Newbies

  1. Read. Write. Start developing that thick skin. Dream all you want but set goals that are reasonable.

    And respect the genre. I’ve known too many people in the past who started writing romance because it was such a trashy genre that it would be easy for someone of their intellect/talent to break in, establish a name, then move on to where they REALLY wanted to be. Can’t think of a single one who actually succeeded.

  2. Ha – I always laugh about people who think writing romance is easy….because I was one of them. I’d been a reader my entire life, and after one too many awful books, I thought “I can do this ten times better!”

    I wrote my first story. It was hideous. It was burned in the fireplace before the ink was dry.

    And it was a year before I picked up the proverbial pen for my second try. It’s still horribly hard, but with each page, chapter, and story, I can see my writing improve.

    Now I read to learn. I re-read the books I loved and try to figure out why. I read the really awful ones, and look for the same mistakes in my writing. But above all, I write, and I do it often. I’d like to think someday it will all pay off and I’ll see my words in print. But until then, I’ll just keep learning.

  3. Meggie,

    All of this advice is excellent, but I like the ‘study your genre’ comment for writing for publication. I’m always surprised at folks who write things that not only aren’t commercial, but unmarketable. spw

  4. I think an important aspect is patience. Don’t think you’re going to sell immediately. And when you don’t, don’t scurry around trying to write whatever is selling on the market at the time. Write what you love and have the respect for your work to know it WILL sell in it’s own good time.

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