Refresh and Renew


Have you noticed, no matter what time of year it is, there’s always something to keep you from writing? Either a job, a volunteer job (which is often more work than a paying one), family, holidays or something. 

I have to tell you, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, too much will keep you from finishing your book, and if you’re depending on the $$ from sales to eat and it takes too long, you’ll starve. 🙂 But if you don’t take some time off, your work will grow stale.

What’s the best kind of thing to do to keep your creative self alive? Well, each person has to figure that out for herself, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Visit a museum. For me, it’s best to visit when a special activity is going on. Such as Philbrook Museum’s Festival of Trees.

  • Take a class and learn to do something you’ve always been curious about but haven’t taken time to learn.
  • Browse through a bookstore in a section you don’t normally see.
  • Go to a movie. One that’s not a normal-for-you show. (If you love romances, try a paranormal. Or a children’s show.)
  • Visit a tourist town you haven’t been to lately, such as New Orleans, Colorado Springs or Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
  • Go to a play–high school or professional–and enjoy it.
  • Take a vacation to an island or another state. Fill your mind with fun times and leave the writing for later.
  • Sign up for belly, tap or ball room dancing.

The secret is to refresh your life without letting your excitement for the new activity take too much of your work time.

I’ve read that an author should have a “date” every week or so. I’m not sure taking one that often is necessary, but it is important to have time off. Whatever is right for you.

We all need a new perspective from time to time.

God gave us life. Why not enjoy it?


10 thoughts on “Refresh and Renew

  1. I agree. When you feel as if you’re stressed and stretched to the max, it’s time for some ‘you’ time. That’s pretty much what we did on our Colorado trip…it was great. Certainly did the trick for me. Course, just taking a drive and enjoying the changing colors right now would also help. Out in the sunshine, no worries, just enjoying the day. Yeppers. A very nice relaxing day.

  2. I think that Fall is an exceptionally good time to find a source of renewal. As the living things die back, we feel the oncoming winter and taking a break seems more important than ever! spw

  3. I always take a break from each book to get caught up on the things that were ignored during the process, but also to do some fun stuff — even if it’s just sitting in a lawn chair under the oak tree and watching squirrels with my eyes closed

    I love that “big sigh” feeling I get when I’m getting my me time.

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