Susan Shay here–

Last night, my family went a live performance of “Evil Dead, the Musical”, and I have to tell you, it was a great show. Hilarious, irreverent, silly, and cold.

You have to ignore a lot of four letter words, but if you took out all the four letter words, the play would only be about half as long.

The play is performed in a quonset hut (unheated. brrr!) in the woods near Drumright, Oklahoma. It’s the same haunted woods where they’ve had the Haunted Trail for the last 14 years. (Yes, the Haunted Trail was still going strong this year.)

We didn’t go on the Haunted Trail. We did, however, go eat at Joseph’s in Drumright. And even after eating there for my entire lifetime, it’s still DELICIOUS! And way more food than I can eat in two meals.

Here are directions.

Back to the play. I understand that, if you’ve seen the movie, “Evil Dead”, and liked it, you’ll absolutely love the play. You’ll get the jokes. You’ll understand several inside jokes.

I haven’t seen it, but I still enjoyed the play and the jokes. I picked out a few actors who played several parts, but that just makes it better doesn’t it?

Now I know you won’t run out and see the play, since there are about two more showings and they’re both today. But next time you get the chance to see a little local theater, give it a shot. You just might be surprised.


9 thoughts on “SCREAM!

  1. Joseph’s . . . yumm.

    I haven’t heard of Evil Dead the movie . . . how far out of the loop am I?

    Sounds like a good time, though. And for Joseph’s . . . oh, I already mentioned that, didn’t I? 🙂

  2. Just as there are a slew of outstanding writers in NE Oklahoma, there are also a large number of very talented actors.

    I haven’t been to this, and not sure I’ve seen the movie Evil Dead, but I’m willing to bet they did a terrific job. My hat is off to them. And to you for enduring the cold to watch the play!

    • Just like writers, some were great actors, some were okay. As to the singing, some were fantastic! Some were, well, the best I can say is, “they tried.” LOL. If I’d been up there in front of all those people, it would have sounded like I was calling cattle. 🙂

  3. I LOVE live theater. I’ll go see high school productions, church shows, anything live. I think it’s magical. That said, I would never drive out to the country and see a scary play in a quonset hut. I’m a big baby and I don’t like to be scared. spw

    • If we ever get you to another of our retreats out in the country, I’m taking a hockey mask and my chain saw . . . Beware.

      Oh, darn. Telling you spoils the surprise, doesn’t it? 😉

    • It wasn’t scary, Sandee. It was hilarious. The haunted trail is scary, but we didn’t do that. They had songs like, “What the *bleep* was that?” and “Look who’s scary now.” It really was a delight.
      The trees chase the members of the cast and turn them into demons. The hero’s hand gets demonized and he cuts it off. Ever see “The Beast with Five Fingers?” It’s kind of like that, but this five fingered beast crawls around grabbing women’s hinneys and trying to cop a feel.
      Honestly, it’s a lot of fun. NOT a show for kids, though.

  4. I haven’t seen any local theatre is years. I have a friend who is presently appearing in a Jeckle/Hyde play in Sapulpa. I ought to go see his performance.

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