Shake, Rattle & Roll

Wasn’t last weekend interesting? Certainly memorial. And historic. For a while there we felt as if we were in California, not knowing when the next earthquake would hit. (Actually, we STILL don’t know.)

Here in northeastern Oklahoma, we felt when the two really strong quakes rocked us. The first one in the wee hours Saturday morning and the one later that night at 11ish. But we were miles away from the epicenter. Those that lived practically on top of the fault line had to hang on to keep from being thrown out of bed. Scary stuff. I’m so glad there were no serious injuries!

I saw one couple interviewed on TV who had severe damage to their home and she was laughing. Said they were okay and their home could be fixed. That was all that mattered. Good attitude. I’d say that lady can take a lot of things being thrown at her and survive. She’s strong. Which is what you want your heroines to be in your stories. Take a bad situation, keep throwing stuff at the characters until you just know they’d cave, then have them come out on top in the end with their HEA.

Just like with an earthquake, when we write we have to take what’s thrown at us and simply roll with the punches. Whether it’s dealing with a rejection, trying to figure out a plot problem, or simply finding time to sit down and actually write, we have to shake the negative off our shoulders and keep plugging away. After all, we want that HEA for ourselves as well as our characters. Right?

Linda Trout



5 thoughts on “Shake, Rattle & Roll

    • Sorry you missed it too. But you might have felt the latest one tonight a little before 9. I understand it was felt all the way in Dallas. For the first time, my hubby felt it (he slept through the others). It certainly got his attention, I can tell you. 🙂

  1. I have to admit, I kinda wanted it to happen again so I could believe it happened. Of course, I didn’t feel the first on though I was awake. And all the way into work today, every time I went under an overpass, I wondered if another earthquake would hit…maybe crushing me under tons of concrete.

    • Did you feel tonights, Jackie? If you were at work, you might not have. We sure felt it. Luckily, it was short and sweet. Well, for us all the way up here, anyway. Although, I’m sure it wasn’t so sweet, or felt short for that matter, to the people living near the epicenter.

      Okay, Mother Nature. You can settle down now. We Okie’s have had enough, thank you very much!!

  2. Yea, we finally had one when I was wide awake! I heard the rumble last night, then my chair started vibrating. Shadow, our youngest pupper, got really frantic about five minutes before, finally settled down, and about ten seconds later, we felt it. He ran over to hunker, feet on my lap, and hid his head under my arm.

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