This is a word that has good and bad meanings. If in a football context, an incomplete pass can be good if you’re on the defense, bad if you’re the offense. In college, an incomplete can be good as you haven’t failed the class and have a chance for a passing grade.

As a writer, incomplete means not finished. I have a lot of those stories, and two manuscripts. Do they need to be complete? I don’t think so. My writing has improved where rewriting would be more torture than I can stand at this moment. And I don’t think I have the same desire to know what happens to the characters.

Do you have any incompletes?

5 thoughts on “Incomplete

  1. Oh, mama, I have a ton of “incompletes” — from manuscripts to quilts to cross-stitch and yard projects. In fact, I’m the queen of incomplete. Too much ambition, not enough time or energy.

    But I’m going to start making time. Organization — I can spell it. I just need to put it into practice.

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