Today’s the Day!

After many months of grueling work–blood, sweat AND tears–today the chairman of WHERE THE MAGIC BEGINS will be announcing the final placement in the contest.

And I won’t be there to hear it. 😦

I don’t expect to win. I’m just thrilled to have placed. (And I have my fingers crossed they won’t announce they made a mistake, that I’m not supposed to be a finalist.)

If you’ve never entered a writers’ contest, you have no idea how nerve wracking it can be. First you have to wonder if you got fair judges or judges who have an agenda. Just one not-doing-it-for-the-right-reason (in other words, there are judges who judge just to DISCOURAGE up and coming writers) is enough to knock an entrant out of the finals. One judge who doesn’t really get what she’s supposed to be doing can knock you out of the finals. One judge who got the wrong category and is irritated because of it can knock you out of the finals.

There’s really nothing you can do about it except cross your fingers. (Or enter a contest where the category chairs pay attention and stop problems such as that as they happen–like WTMB.)

And at an average cost of $20-$30 per contest entry, for most struggling writers entering ain’t easy.

So why do we enter? For me, the best reason is feed back. It’s another three sets of eyes to get my manuscript on the right path, and another venue to improve my writing.

And, of course, the fantasy dream of impressing an editor.

Why do you enter?




7 thoughts on “Today’s the Day!

    • Thanks, Jackie.
      But I didn’t do the blood, sweat and tears part. My part was mostly tears. LOL. I was the judge coordinator. (And I have the bald spot to prove it.)
      And when my computer turned up its heels at the worst possible moment, Meg stepped in and finished up.
      The only way to have a contest and do it right is have a fantastic committee. We absolutely do!
      And while I have a bald spot, Linda probably wanted to pull out all her hair.
      It ain’t easy. But when you love writing, you do all you can to help yourself and others.
      That’s the way I figure it, anyway.

  1. Susan,
    Announcements made, certificates and pins passed out to the members who finaled and were at the meeting (we missed you!), all the finalists have been notified of their placements and the announcement sent to the chapter. Oh, shoot. Just remembered I still need to update the contest website. *s* There’s always ‘one last thing’ to be done. BUT I can see light at the end of the tunnel, and thankfully it isn’t that freight train that has been plaguing me so much. 🙂

    However, there is no way the contest could have been completed in time without the tireless efforts of the category chairs. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Marilyn Pappano, Meg Reid, Jackie Kramer, Kathlyn Smith and Sandee Wagner. You ladies are the bomb!!
    Linda (the weary)

  2. Well, it was exciting to be a finalist. And I got second place!! No request, but the editor’s comments were positive about the story, so that’s all good.

    I wish I had been at the meeting too!! Sorry I missed all the hoopla. I bet there would have been applause!! spw

    • Of course there was applause! It would’ve been great if we could’ve gotten a picture of the 3 of us. This was a first, all 3 finalist in a category from the chapter. Too cool! And if there’s anyone out there wondering, we don’t judge each other so it was all outside judges doing the scoring. I’m so proud of us. (Yes, I’m bragging! hehe)

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