Done, Finished, Complete, Over With!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the 2011 Where the Magic Begins contest is now wrapped up. The winners have been notified and announced, the website updated and the certificates and pins will be in the mail this week. I know this might be a bit of overkill, and I promise not to blog about this particular contest again, but I wanted to post our winners here. After all, not everyone goes out to the contest website.

The majority of the final round judges (the editors) gave a short critique and some advice for the winners. Invaluable in my humble opinion. Contests are the easiest way to have your stuff read by an editor. And to get feedback from them on top of it is simply icing on the cake.

Good news, we had not one but three requests for the full manuscripts. Woot! Best of luck to those entrants! Maybe we’ll see their stores in print before long. I think that would be absolutely fantastic! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for them. AND we had 6 RWI members final with 2 taking the top spot in their categories. Just how cool is that?

So without further ado, here are the winners of the contest.


1st Place – Lady Catherine’s Secret by Sheridan Edmondson

2nd Place – The Madonna of Pisano by MaryAnn Diorio

3rd Place – Wherever You Roam by Kimberly Keys


1st Place – Don’t Look by Susanne Frost

2nd Place – Deception by Jennifer Beane

3rd Place – Legally Mastered by Sarah Castille


1st Place – The Hunt for Home by Lorenda Christensen **

2nd Place – Silk by Louise Cusack

3rd Place – Dark Bringer by Brenda Nelson-Davis


1st Place – Precious Jewels by Mary Behre (Full Requested)

2nd Place – Medusa, A Love Story by Sasha Summers

3rd Place – Tears of the Sun by Jackie Kramer **


1st Place – The Last Refuge by Kathy Hix ** (Full Requested)

2nd Place – The Slipper Fits by Sandra Wagner **

3rd Place – Sex, Lies and Apple Pie by Lynn Somerville **


1st Place – Captivating Ella by Jennie Jones

2nd Place – Balancing Act by Pamela Gibson

3rd Place – A Little Bit Crazy by Faye Hughes


1st Place – Love in Bitterroot Valley by Jessica Keller (Full Requested)

2nd Place – Built to Last by Sherri G. Early

3rd Place – Dragonfly by Susan Shay **

**Denotes RWI Member**

Linda Trout

Contest Coordinator

Where the Magic Begins


2 thoughts on “Done, Finished, Complete, Over With!

  1. And a major congrats to all my fellow winners! And I’m talking about all the wonderful entrantants who trusted us with their babies. You all are winners because you believed enough in yourself to submit to the contest.

    • Amen, Jackie! It does take courage to put your baby out there for strangers to read. But it’s the first step in getting yourself ready for publication, what we’re all striving for.

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