Wants Vs Needs

What is a necessity for you as a writer? What do you have to have? For me, it is some way to record my thoughts. Right now that means a computer of some type, although I’ve used pen and paper. And as strange as it sounds, some type of background noise. Music is my favorite–kids screaming is not.

What is a want? I want a Kindle or iPad but the fact that I don’t have either doesn’t keep me from writing.  🙂  I would like Dragon Speak but don’t want to take the time to program. I also want a nice beach house with The Donald as full time cabana boy. 😉  Yeah, that would give me plenty of inspiration.






5 thoughts on “Wants Vs Needs

  1. Love the picture! Can’t think of anything more relaxing than sitting on the beach, watching the tide roll in. Ahh.

    As far as what I HAVE to have as a writer…inspiration and deadlines. And not necessarily in that order. 😉 Guess it’s that old accountant in me. Who knows.

  2. I can scribble down thoughts, ideas, dialogue, anywhere on anything, but for serious productive work, I need a comfortable chair, a place to prop my feet so my creaky knees don’t interrupt, and something to look at. I don’t write to music — too distracting, though I don’t need silence, either — there’s always a fan going or, when I’m outside, chimes tinkling, planes flying over, train whistles drifting on the air, birds singing. And I need something to drink, and an occasional break for 2-3 games of mahjong or spider solitaire.

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