Something Extra for Thanksgiving

Susan Shay here.

Five day to Thanksgiving. *Takes a long, slow breath.*

I’m not sure what it is about writers (maybe it’s just people in general) but I’ve noticed many writers in particular tend to procrastinate. Maybe it’s because we live between our ears so much. 🙂

We imagine getting ready for Thanksgiving. We think about what we’re going to cook, how we’ll set the table, the fall leaves we’ll scatter, how to make everything picture perfect, but when it comes down to it, we’re often scurrying to get things done.

Of course we have a reason, and a darn good one. We’re writing! Hey, we’re working hard to bring out the next Great American Novel. And since many of us also have a Day Job, we’re already short on time. Toss in a holiday, and bam! The schedule goes to pieces.

That’s my excuse anyway, and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

So, what something else are you thankful for this year? By that, I mean besides the requisite God, family and America. We’re all thankful for that–In my Small Town World, most of us are, anyway. 😉

I’m thankful I was born and raised during simpler days. When we got ready for Thanksgiving in school, we learned about the Pilgrims coming to America for religious freedom.

I’m thankful we colored pictures of the new immigrants in their funny hats with big aprons and shoes that had huge buckles on them, praying with half-dressed Indians over a table loaded with pumpkins, turkeys and corn.

That we made cornucopia filled with fruit, most of which the Pilgrims probably wouldn’t have recognized.

I’m thankful we had roller skates with four wheels and a key, bikes with baskets to carry our books to school in (but without gears), very few cars and even fewer TVs. No color.






I’m thankful for Grandparents who had time to tell their descendants great stories about when they were kids and had no skates, bikes or TVs.

Remember playing Old Maid? Teeter-totters? Monkey Bars? (I still have calluses I made walking the Monkey Bars.)

I’m thankful I played Hop Scotch, and I’m thankful our play grounds were made of dirt and we could jump around and have a great time.

I’m thankful God read my heart and knew when in the timeline of the world I would fit best. And that He put me there.

How about you? What something extra are you thankful for?




11 thoughts on “Something Extra for Thanksgiving

    • Wish I had a daughter. I can’t imagine someone else being responsible for the entire meal. Must be nice, Jackie.
      I have a feeling you spent a lot of years being the responsible one.
      Happy Turkey Day to you, too!

  1. I’m thankful I gew up in a time when we could wander away from home on hot summer days, stay gone eight hours and Mom never worried or went looking for us because she knew we were safe.

    And strangers weren’t people to be afraid of; they were just people we hadn’t met yet.

    We didn’t have a lot of toys by today’s standard, books mostly came from the library, and the TV (with its four channels) was tuned to what Daddy wanted to watch, so we used our imagination for entertainment. The things we “did” and the places we “went” . . . 🙂

    • Wow! You had four channels? (Gasping in awe.) We had three, only two of which were visible. Channel 8 was a snowy pattern. LOL.
      Imagination is absolutely the best gift we can give our children. It’s the gift that never breaks and no one can take away from us.

  2. I’m thankful that my kids are grown and doing so well. There were times when they were at home when I wasn’t sure I got get them raised, but thankfully, I had my folks and my wonderful family to help me.

    I’m thankful for all the blessings that just keep coming my way…both with the people around me and in my daily life.

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  4. I am thankful that I still have my Dad. I am more thankful he took a hint and is seriously writing a short autobiography for his great granddaughter who turns one on Dec. 21, 2011. He has written it out and is typing this on a computer which he thinks doesn’t work correctly. His 91 year old fat scarred fingers often strike or touch some strange things which creates challenges.

    I’ve got him to explain how his parents met, how he met mom, and how his son and daughter-in-law met. He tells her to get her parents to tell how they met.

    The best thing is that he is sending her $10.00 to start her ‘hole’ money fund. This is to get a ride home if she wants to leave a date assuming in the future couples date in person and in one vehicle. He hopes if he is not around to add to the fund that her parents will build it up to $50.00 she can tuck away in her billfold. He explains this in the cutest way that I could cry.

    He is calling this his hello and goodbye letter since they have never met. Dad knows he is slipping and time is short.

    • Oh, Jean. God knew what He was doing when He gave us dads, didn’t He? Yours sounds like such a wonderful guy! I’d love to meet him some day.
      Please tell him the women of RWI said happy Thanksgiving and a very, merry, Christmas.
      And give him a big kiss on the cheek from me.

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