I saw a news article on the internet about a giant mound of tires in South Carolina that apparently sprawl across the landscape (paraphrased from the news article). From what little I read, you don’t realize just how big the pile is from the ground. However, it IS visible from outer space. Can you imagine? Talk about seeing things from a different perspective!

As writers, when we talk about Point Of View, we’re mainly talking about from a specific characters POV. We give only information that character knows at that point in time. If you think about that pile of tires, we don’t see the sum total while standing on the ground. But flying above it, you see the whole picture.

This also applies to a book. At the beginning of a story, the reader sees only one small piece, one frame of the characters lives. By the end of the book, they know all about the character’s secrets, desires, flaws, goals, obstacles and HEA.

By the end of the book they’re the person sitting on the space station looking down and seeing that humongous pile of tires. Neat, huh?

Linda Trout

6 thoughts on “Perspectives

    • Thanks, Marilyn. As creative people, our minds have a tendency to go in rather odd and unusual directions. When I saw that article the POV issue just popped into my head. Go figure. 🙂

  1. From my perspective, it’s no wonder that you’ve sold your first book. You have such a handle on the elements of good writing.

    • Bless your heart, Jackie. You make me blush. And I wouldn’t have the knowledge I do without people like yourself shoving me in the right direction. I really appreciate your help and guidance!!

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