First, I apologize for missing my blog last Wednesday.  My weekend ended on Monday and it threw me off the entire week.  I was flat behind one day all week!  By the time I realized my mistake, it was too late to post my blog. 

Do other writers have a “portable” office?  I don’t mean they carry a laptop or netbook or iPad when they travel.  I’m talking about a mini-office like the one pictured below.

 Yep, you’re seeing not only a laptop, but a printer, my “writing” iPod with Celtic music, and a table to hold all my writing projects. And I need them all to get any writing done away from home.  Weird?

I’ve met with this group for over 28 years.  I wasn’t a professional writer when we started, but I did always have books.  In fact, one year I was so enthralled with a “new to me” Johanna Lindsey’s books, I sneaked away as often as I could to read her entire backlist I’d brought along.

Once I sold, I was much better about writing every day than I am now.  I was given a cabin by myself so I could write without distraction.  Or so I wouldn’t bother others while they were sleeping.  My laptop at the time was a 386 and noisy as hell!  One year, it was so cold, that despite having TWO space heaters in the 10 square feet cabin, I was having to warm my hands over my candle so I could type.

When we moved into the cabin we use now, the group decided if I was going to write every day, they didn’t want me stuck off in a bunk room.  So I got assigned a corner of the main room and what you see in the picture is what I’ve had to write with for the past 10 years.  With my headphones, I’m writing without distraction, but still part of the group.  And I’m telling you, it doesn’t get any better.

Now, I only do this portable office when I’m driving and will be away from home over three days.  Otherwise, I carry my iPad with its separate keyboard.  I can write on that, save it to my Dropbox, and it’s ready to edit and print off when I get home.  God, I love technology.  At least, today I do.

Now if someone would please invent so tech gadget that would keep my butt in my chair every day!



  1. I’m impressed. Not only with your portable setup, but that you’re willing to take it AND the other people are so supportive of you. You really can’t ask for better than that!
    Now, get back to writing. We want to read more of your wonderful stories. 🙂

  2. Um. I can make do with a pad of paper and ink pen. I prefer it, in fact, for writing in short spurts. But if hauling all that around works for you, good deal.

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