Happy Thanksgiving

Tradionally, the fourth Thursday in November is our Thanksgiving holiday in the US. This is an American celebration, much like the 4th of July. It’s not celebrated in other countries.

Since we were planning on returning to the states for Thanksgiving but NOT for the Christmas holidays, I found myself explaining our actions to lots of other expats.

People from all over the world understand Christmas as a family holiday, but fewer understand what Thanksgiving means beyond turkey dinner and football.

To me, Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate plenty. An autumn harvest of family and loved ones. I like the shared meal and the feeling that all I have to do is enjoy my family and spend time thanking God that I have them.  Fall usually gives us a crispness in the air and the certainty that things are about to get colder.  I have always liked the idea that the early colonists took time to share what they had with neighbors and formed connections so they could pool resources over the long cold winter.

Writers do a solitary task. When we get together to pool our resources, we share the load a little.  I’m thankful for all my associates.  It would be a long cold winter without you.

–Sandee Wagner


12 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Sandee,
    Hope your journey Stateside proved hassle free. Thanksgiving is so tied up with family traditions that it must be hard to translate to others in a meaningful way. Football in recliners with men shouting and kids outside tossing nerf footballs to the real deal may not be a fond memory to all. Take a little of your visit back to finish your tour of duty. Jean

    • Thanks, Jean.

      It’s hard to explain holidays that have morphed away from their original intent to folks from other cultures. Some holidays are hard to explain anyway, but Thanksgiving is not celebrated by many at all. spw

  2. I got to spend Thanksgiving with my brother and his family this year. My niece and nephew-in-law hosted the event and we had lots of fun, good food, and family. For once, there wasn’t too much football. We had people from 86 years old (my dad) to a toddler whose name I didn’t know, but is smart as can be. She immediately took to me!

    I hope all my “other” family also had a great Thanksgiving! And, Sandee, hope your Thanksgiving at home was awesome.

    • Jackie,

      It sounds like a great time was had by all. I love a big crowd around the table. We had a huge spread and lots of leftovers. Watched some football and played a few board games. Great fun.

      I’m enjoying my ‘strictly American’ holiday. spw

    • Susan,

      We shared Thanksgiving with our oldest son and his family. It was wonderful! He’s a tremendous cook. He forced fresh sage leaves under the turkey skin and it gave the meat a lovely taste. I’ll be dieting for weeks! spw

  3. I admire you for making the long journey. A few days later for me or earlier for you, and we might have been standing in the same incredible immigrations line in Houston. It took us longer to get through than the flight from Cozumel. Aack!

    Glad you had a good holiday. We had too much food (my grandkiddo couldn’t quite get why there was cheese in the cracker dip, the celery AND the dessert), and got to see everyone but one niece (both nieces and dil had to work, so we got glimpses). It was a lovely day.

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