Round Robin

Linda Trout here. Let’s do a round robin. Haven’t done this in a while so here are the rules:

 I’ll start a story, then you pick up where I left off and let’s see where it goes.

The Grandfather clock in the hall chimed midnight.

She sighed. “So it begins.”

Pulling back the heavy drape, she peered out. Moonlight bounced off the crystals on the brown grass, deceptively making the area look like a wonderland. Her little calico spotted her and came running for the door. Smart animal, she thought. No one or nothing in their right mind would want to be out in the frigid cold for long. Herself included.

But that would change all too quickly. Reluctantly she reached for . . .

Your turn. What happens next?

8 thoughts on “Round Robin

  1. As she settled into the chair, once again alone in the old house, the floor overhead creaked. The sound of footsteps came clearly through the boards, a heavy tread, pacing from window to door.

    She sighed. He was back. What did he want this time?

  2. the doorknob. The wind howled and the calico darted between her legs as the force of the gale pressed the door into her open palms. She shoved against it, forcing it closed when she heard the growl just outside. It could have been the wind or her imagination, but the hot breath of the beast bathed her face as its claws clicked across the threshold. spw

  3. “Don’t even think about it,” she muttered, leaning hard on the door before her St. Bernard managed to barrel into her living room.

    Outside the door Fred whined softly.

    “No way, you dumb dog. I built you a perfectly good doghouse in the back yard. It’s not my fault you decided to chase the cat around in the rain.”

    Frannie mewled from her place in front of the refrigerator, playing the pitiful starving feline perfectly,

    “Don’t you start.” She pointed a finger toward the cat. “You don’t help matters by teasing the poor guy.”

    On her way back to the table, she grabbed a…

  4. Ooh, very nice everyone!
    I wonder what a psychologist would do with something like this? Could she pick a serial killer from just a few words?
    That thought just churns my butter!

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