Mood Music

I have a play list on my iPod that evokes a story I have  yet to write. I purposely selected these songs to transport me from this world into the creative one.

I wondered if you do too?

The Artist in the Ambulance


10 thoughts on “Mood Music

  1. I don’t have a list, but often I find a song or two that really fits the story. I’ll play it a couple times while I play mahjong, before I start writing, and it clarifies one character’s feelings about the other.

  2. Marilyn already wants to back next month, for Christmas, and has me checking on reservations.

    Cozumel at Christmas. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!

  3. I’ve never used music to put me in the mood to write on a current WIP. However, I have come up with a story idea from a song – not that I’ve actually written anything on it. *s*

    Glad you can have something that gets you going.

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