I Won NaNoWriMo!!

Another November has come and gone, and I wrote 50,000 words on a new novel. I took the challenge and I won. That’s the beauty of National Novel Writer’s Month, you compete against yourself.

I didn’t write 50,000 good words. Or 50,000 words that will definitely end up in the final novel. I turned off my ‘inner editor’ and just cranked them out. I wasn’t sure that I could. We left Dubai on the 17th of November and were on the road until after the 30th.

Because I knew we’d be traveling, I set a pretty ambitious writing schedule. When I left on the 17th, I had over 45,000 words written. Once again, not necessarily keepers, but words on a page.

I really like the feeling of adding that last word count update online. I didn’t dance around screaming, “I won, I won!” But I did give it some thought.

I will complete this novel. I will work through it, improving the weak spots and marveling at the stuff that flew out my fingertips in a mad writing dash. It’s an accomplishment that I will celebrate and a work in progress that I will polish and expand.

But for today, this is my mantra: I won NaNoWriMo!

–Sandee Wagner


18 thoughts on “I Won NaNoWriMo!!

  1. Wait to go Sandee! Isn’t it the greatest feeling to have a huge chunk out of your brain and on the page. I’m terribly impressed at the 45k mid-month, that’s fantastic. I feel good when I write 500/day, so NaNo is a stretch of epic scale alone, much less cramming most of it into half the time.


    You are my hero. 🙂

  2. Enjoy the feeling! I celebrated yesterday. We have the makings of a novel now, and many of the people who have done this exercise in the past went on to complete and publish their novels.
    Step one is complete. Now we go forward.

  3. WooHoo, Sandee!! I’m so proud of you!
    Yeah, I think you should jump up and down, patting yourself on the back. Cranking out 50K words in less than 30 days is a fantastic accomplishment. You’re an inspiration to us all.

    • Linda,

      I’m going to have to leave the happy dance to folks with better coordination. I’ll have a frosty adult beverage. spw

  4. Way to go, Sandee! I’m totally impressed that you were able to do in November, no less, and with traveling on the schedule.

    Dance a twirl for me!

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