Friday Book Reviews: Maureen Child and Two by Jean Brashear



Last Virgin in California

Maureen Child

This October, 2001 Desire is from Child’s Bachelor Battalion. Marine Colonel Forrest’s only child, Lilah, lives an independent and, by her notion, successful life away from the military. It is time to visit her traditional father who will try to set her up with one of his men. It is a pattern they have repeated unsuccessfully.

Now imagine the wiggle room when totally non-judgmental Lilah is introduced to Dad’s choice—a career military rules follower. Child does a nice job playing their seemingly insurmountable attraction. The scorning love scenes are drawn with good taste and great sensitivity. This read stands the test of time.

What the Heart Wants

Jean Brashear

This is the first book of a seven book series. The last three books will conclude in 2012. A Superromance issued in July, 2002. Ivy Malone Parker is the middle sister. She has a tenuous family connection left, her Great Aunt Prudie. When the older woman takes ill, Ivy moves into a small house behind Prudie’s café in the dying county seat of Palo Verde, Texas.

Brashear writes with great skill women who might be down but are a long way from out. I loved following her romance with imposter Linc Gardner in this page turner. The characterizations are just so well fleshed out. The plot offers a richness lush with possibilities. Enjoy where this journey began.

The Good Daughter

Jean Brashear

Book three of the series covering Chloe’s story. The second book offered a complex story of the surgeon sister and a hunky love interest. Chloe is the very perfect, biddable, and obedient of the sisters. Her first crack in perfection comes when Chloe takes a police psychologist position. Her love interest is Detective Vince Cornado who is a little crisp around the edges, offering readers one wild ride. A wonderful read as the sisters reunite, obliterating childhood loneliness and affirming the power of families.

Once again we enjoy great writing of supporting characters. I just love Molly who nudged Chloe toward a fully explored real life.


Remember: If you want a particular book reviewed, please contact me. If you wish to review a book, we ask that it not be your own work. Make reviews between 20 and 300 words. Scale between 1-5 hearts with one being the worst book you ever read. Five is for a best ever read. We reserve the right to edit reviews for length and content. The reviews are based on recent reads, NOT NECESSARILY NEW RELEASES.

Reviewed by Robyn Daniels


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