Science Can Be Funny

My latest favorite of T-shirts I’ve seen recently: the Ferrous Wheel.

It comes pre-ironed.

From the folks at ThinkGeek, who brought us the Self-Rescuing Princess T-shirt. I love you guys.

(Sandee, did I make you spew tea??)

10 thoughts on “Science Can Be Funny

    • The ThinkGeek guys remind me of The Big Bang Theory bunch. I love them for making me laugh.

      The self-rescuing princess is a great one, too. The perfect thing for all women to be!

    • Me, too. They’re having a Tshirt sale today, so I’ve been browsing there when I should have been working. “I See Stupid People” and “I Void Warranties” and “I’m Here Because You Broke Something” are three of my favorites.

  1. Marilyn,

    I did not spew tea out my nose, but I did LOL! That’s a good one. I’ve been getting the math geek ones for my oldest son for years, and the computer programming jokes for son #2. I don’t have a chemical kid, so this one would have passed me by. Very good stuff at that site. And snorgtees, and bustedtees…. spw

    • Glad it made you laugh. Just reading the ThinkGeek newsletter is good for a chuckle or two, and I could spend hours on their site. Being neither math nor computer-friendly, I don’t understand some of them 🙂 but the rest I love.

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