I wrote this last week, but couldn’t get Word Press to post it off my iPad. So let’s hope this goes through this time, though it probably won’t be as brilliant as the first time!


This is the time of year when we’re rushing around, fighting crowds, and trying to fill Christmas wish lists.  When my kids were young, there was one gift that was ALWAYS under the tree whether they asked for it or not.  A book.  From the time they were little,  everyone in my family took turns reading to them.  It paid off.  The oldest is a voracious reader and is doing some writing of his own.  Reading was harder for the youngest; he was learning disabled, but once I started getting him the pulp books he liked, he, too, became a reader.  Though I don’t know where the poetry writing came from!

It’s not the books that were the gift that keeps on giving.  It’s the love of reading.  It’s the sense of awe you can get from the worlds you read about.  It’s the confidence a child can feel when he realizes there isn’t ANYTHING in the world he can’t learn about as long as he or she can read.

So when you’re buying those gifts for the kids in your family, don’t forget books.  And the younger they are the better.  When you buy that toy for the Angel tree, add a book.  When you donate food for a family in need, put in a book.

Give  the gift that keeps giving…now and forever.



  1. So far, I have four books for the kidlet that I need to wrap.

    Story: my sister had a tough time reading when she was in Jr. High. For awhile, she was in the ‘slow class’ while they got her reading up to speed — reading Aesop’s fables, Greek tales, etc. (At three years younger than her, I ATE those books up–loved them!). She still wasn’t much of a reader until she graduated from college and discovered ROMANCE novels. Yep, she’s an avid reader now. 🙂

    • That’s my David, except ROBO-TECHS was his savior. Now, he’s a big non-fiction and Stephen King fan. Quite a combination.

  2. Good post Lady Susan. I used to always give my grandchildren books, but they have started inhaling books and I can’t keep up on what they want. So I give them gift certificates to bookstores. They’re younger than I, let them step and fetch, I say. 🙂

    • Gift cards to book stores is a good alternative. That way, they can buy the books they want. And you’re right! Let them step and fetch.

      Lady SURAN, the other Jackie

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