Slow As

One of my favorite movies this time of year is A CHRISTMAS CAROL. As most of you know, Charles Dickens wrote the story. I happen to have the story–novelette– and almost all the movie versions. The one I prefer is the 1938, probably because we saw it every year in school as well as at home.

A game played at Fred’s house was Simile. My sister and I would occasionally play, and we do now.We tend to make up obtuse references instead of clichés.

Here are a few: Slow as the check-out line at Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

Creaky as my joints on a winter morning. Most houses are warmer than mine as Don delights in keeping the house between 60 – 65.

Frosty as my smile when I’m really really ticked off.

Happy as . . .


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