As you know, I’ve spent the past year de-hoarding my house.  This includes getting rid of books.  As I’ve been sorting through them, I realized I was giving away friends.  Not the books themselves, but the characters and the stories.

One thing I’ve not allowed myself to do is read the back blurb or to skim through the pages.  I knew if I did, I would get rid of few books, mostly the duplicate titles.  The reason I hung onto the books in the first place is because of the people in them.  The heroes I wanted for myself, the heroines I wished I was, and the wonderful other characters who touched my heart or funny bone. And all the clever ideas, the rich language, the sharp clever voices.

What makes a keeper book?  One thing is the story line that may not be finished.  Can’t get rid of any of the books until I know how the story ends, can I?  Or maybe the story’s finished, but I loved it so much, I can let go of it yet.  As I went through the boxes, I did watch for certain titles.  It’s a given that if I remembered the title, I love the book and want to keep it.

One thing I did notice as I went through the books is the change in my reading.  There were several authors, some still writing and some not, that I no longer read.  Have to admit, for a moment, I hesitated about some of those authors I no longer read, but then, luckily, I remember my TBR pile, all the books I DO plan to read or replace and read, and I gave the orphaned books a hearty “Thank you and goodbye, old friend!”


6 thoughts on “FRIENDS I HAVE MADE

  1. It’s hard for me to give away books, too, Susan. Even those I was lukewarm about. But like you, space is finally gone, so I have to make myself donate them. Usually I give them to Tulsa NightWriters for their monthly book-bonanza. We each put in a dollar and in exchange take home a book of our choice. This also makes money for the club.

    • My DIL takes them and sends them to soldiers overseas, nursing homes, and low income friends. Everytime I go to NightWriters, I have to force myself to avoid the book sale; I’d end up buying more than I donated!

  2. Jackie,
    It is hard to give away old friends. But then you have room for new friends. Right? 😉 I give my books to an older lady at church who’s on a limited income. She then shares them with her other friends. My hubby will box his books up and give them to the local library for them to sell. It’s our way of supporting them.
    Good post, and I’m glad you’re making progress with your de-hoarding.

    • Uh, hopefully my new friends will only be Kindle. I didn’t go to the Borders closeout sale because I was trying to stay loyal to my de-hoarding goal.

  3. Jackie,

    I totally agree with you on this!! Since I had to be aware of the weight/volume of my household goods, I got rid of a bunch of books before we left Tulsa. Then when I was unpacking and realized I did not have enough bookshelf space… more went in boxes.

    I realized that there were some books I held onto, that I never re-read. Some I go back to and read and re-read at night when I’m settling down. Once I realized that I hung onto some, but didn’t really re-read them, it was easier to let them go. Some were series that I held onto all the books until the series was complete… some were authors whose voices I loved and wanted to emulate. But I boxed them up and donated them to others.

    Now, most of my acquisitions are e-books. No shelf space required!! spw

  4. Jackie–
    I totally understand. With my downsizing, it has been hard to get rid of those I love. Or to pass by the $1 hardback sale at Helping Hands. 😉

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