Fear Factor is Back

The reality TV junkie that I am, I was happy Fear Factor was back on. For those who don’t watch, it is gross–no, really gross. The contestants have to push through ‘fears’ in order to compete for money. They do things I wouldn’t do no matter how much money is offered. But I did use the principle when I first started dirt track racing.

Then I started thinking about what other fears I’ve pushed through. Flooding my mask while learning scuba. Swimming without said mask in black out conditions–this was a big one for me as cutting off sight makes me extremely claustrophobic! Go figure that one.

Fear of success.

One thought on “Fear Factor is Back

  1. I don’t watch that show ’cause I’m afraid to watch it! No doubt, somewhere, sometime, there was/will be a show with the contestants and spiders…my big fear. Ewwww!

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