Okay, right off the bat, let me state firmly, I can barely keep my checkbook balanced and tax time, even WITH Turbo Tax, is a nightmare.  But I’ve noticed a few things this past year as the owner of a Kindle. Understand, in the past, I’ve spent $1000 to $1500 a year on books.  Fiction, non-fiction, gifts, whatever.  And though I haven’t started adding up my receipts for this year, it looks like I’ve spent about the same…maybe more.

One of the reasons I got my Kindle was I wanted to convert my favorite books or authors to take up less room.  But guess what?  I’m not a cheap skate, but I discovered that I object to paying paper book prices for books I already own. Add onto that the fact that a digital book shouldn’t cost as much as a paper book due to less costs, I REALLY found myself reluctant.

It wasn’t cheating the author; I’ve already paid them once.  And based on what I’m hearing, what the traditional publishers are paying in royalties, the authors don’t get any more royalties on digital books than their mm books.  Indeed, it seems as if they may be getting LESS. So, I’ve found myself only buying, at the publisher’s prices, the duplicates I HAVE to have and waiting for sales by the publishers for others. And those have been few and far apart based on the number I would like to replace.

Where, then, is my book money going?  It’s been on special priced books by traditional authors I’ve never read.  Or the backlist that my favorite authors are re-printing on their own.  And the bulk is going to the books costing $0.99 – $2.99 written by new/unknown authors. By doing this, I’ve discovered some great new books! Actually, I’ve only had one “bad” book so far and that was a re-print of a traditionally published author!

So, for me, it’s been well-worth sticking to the cheaper books. I’m still buying the books I want to replace.  I’m just not doing it as fast as I want. I am still buying my authors’ new stuff like I did before…waiting for the paperback prices, but not as many. So if the traditional publishers want more money from me, they better re-think their pricing options for this new world of books!

3 thoughts on “ECONOMICS BY JACKIE

  1. I wrote a blog about this almost a year ago. The publishers still haven’t changed their tactics, in fact, it’s gotten worse. This is what happens when you pay Snooki lots of $$$ and no one wants her book. They are using their electronic profits to off-set their poor management choices.

    A word of warning: if you are catching up on a series that an author has, be careful of the pricing. In the Ranger’s Apprentice series that I was reading, the publishers made book 7, $11.99. It was smackdab in the middle of two $7.99 priced books. Er, I stopped reading the series.

  2. Jackie,

    I found that I will try ANY author for less than $5. And I won’t buy an e-book for more than $7.99. That’s my threshold. I’m sure everyone has one of their own. I hope that someone in publishing is listening to the economics of this. They need to change their tactics. And if they don’t, it’s going to be like the record companies all over again. spw

  3. Readers are fussing about this all over Cyberland. And I’m one of them. I’ve only paid those outrageous prices twice, and that was for books I just had to read and didn’t want to drive to a bookstore. (Shame on me.)

    On the other hand, it is helping authors that use small presses and Indy authors. ‘It’s an ill wind that ….”

    Merry Christmas one and all.

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