The Day After

‘Twas the day after Christmas

Paper littered the house

Everyone is stuffed

Yeah, even the mouse


I love my presents

Both big and the small

But my favorite gifts

Didn’t come from the mall


Homemade goodies

From family and friends

Has increased my waistline

My belts at the end


I gained a few pounds

Who cares right now?

I’ll start dieting soon

Before I ‘m big as a cow


A new year is coming

Of this there’s no doubt

When you sign a new contract

I’ll jump up and shout


It’s obvious I’m no poet

So I’ll give you a break

I’ll blame this sad ode

To the fact that it’s late


I’ll end this poem

And try to do it right

Merry Day After Christmas to all

And to all a good night


(Whew! Now aren’t you glad that’s over? 🙂 )



8 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. Thanks for your kind words, Jackie. But the poem is a result of sheer desperation to come up with a blog. Just wish I really was more of a poet. *s* I know I could never make a living as one…and my apologies to all the ‘real’ poets out there.

  2. All poets have to start somewhere, Linda. Who knows?
    You may be a poet
    you just don’t know it.
    Your feet show it.
    They’re Longfellows. 🙂
    Enjoyed the fun rhymes.

    • Thanks, Susan. But that’s about the extent of my poetry. Although, I do have some I wrote as a teenager that’s much better than this (wouldn’t take much!). Why is it we’re more poetic at a younger age?

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