As we come to the end of the year, it’s time to reflect and assess our past goals and accomplishments. One of my goals last year was to de-hoard my house. If you remember, I had three rooms I couldn’t walk through, not counting the pieces of furniture stacked so high with stuff I couldn’t use them properly. I’m proud to announce that I have cleared out two rooms; my “junk” room is ready to be remodeled as a guest room while my library has all the books off the floor, ready for me to sort through them to clear out more. On top of that, my kitchen and living room are no longer cluttered. You can even sit down in my living room!

My second goal was to convert my library from paper to Kindle. I’ve done some, but I’ve discovered another kind of hoarding. Kindle offers many free books and I’m not talking about indie published books. Backlists, cost leaders, traditional publishers all offer limited freebies. Suddenly, my hoarding has switch over to my Kindle. For now, I’m not going to worry about it. After all, at least the hundreds of books that I’m hoarding on my Kindle are in one place and aren’t a fire danger like my books on the floor were.

My third goal were my writing goals. Some I met and some I didn’t, but I’m not going to whine. This is the time of year where authors forgive themselves for what they didn’t do and cheer for what they did accomplish. I even have triumphs I didn’t expect, so the year wasn’t a complete waste like others in the past.

Now, time to make my resolutions for 2012. 1. Continue to de-hoard. I DO have one more room to clear and my closets…well, let’s just say I might find Jimmy Hoffa. 2. I will continue to convert my library. I’ve already started by turning in my credit card points for an Amazon gift card. 3. I will get all my backlist up on Kindle. 4. I will make a monthly timetable where I WILL complete a set number of words on my WIP and complete one of the projects I have going.

In the words of one of my heroes…make it so!

8 thoughts on “END OF YEAR THOUGHTS

  1. Good for you, Jackie! You’ve made some giant leaps in accomplishing your 2011 goals. And if you had met all of them, then maybe your goals were too easy.

    We each need to stretch ourselves, to go where we haven’t gone before. Might not be a new star system (doing the Star Trek thing here), but if it’s a challenge we never accomplished, then I’d say it’s something to strive for. And I know if you set your mind to something, you usually get it done. One way or the other. {major thumbs up}

  2. Way to go, Jackie! I’m much better at setting goals, usually, than reaching those goals. Last year, I don’t think I did either one.
    But I’m going to get on the stick this year.

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