Friday Book Reviews: Thomson, Thayer and Osborne



H.D. Thomson 

A friend suggested I read this paranormal suspense. Boy, I’m glad I did for its impressive prose and word choices selected to enhance tension. The story unfolds with edge of the seat suspense which caused me to jump more than once as I read (I admit to being a “weinie” about scary things). Thomson writes romance to engage the senses with sizzling love scenes. (an e-book)



Patricia Thayer

Thayer’s (Harlequin Romance 7/09) rancher Trace McKane has an infertile wife, Kira. Both likeable characters have ruined their happiness and marriage trying to build a family. In this realistic book Kira speaks ten words to each verbal movement of her husband’s lips. Just as it is in real life, this simple explanation of the delicate verbal communications outside the bedroom offers realistic dialogue should anyone want to study how couples speak. Nicely done.



Kristen Osbourne 

A fun premise for what proved a too short book (e-book). A former college roommate, now a minister’s wife, sets up her thirty-two year old single tall friend in Texas with an even taller dairy farmer in Wisconsin. After a month exchanging texts, he proposes sight unseen. They trade pictures. Their first face to face contact is at the altar. Jason makes it clear to Amanda they will consummate the wedding on the first night of their brief honeymoon. A nice ‘baby story at 66 pages’ which could have grown into a good romance novel. It made a pleasant afternoon diversion.


Remember: If you want a particular book reviewed, please contact me. If you wish to review a book, we ask that it not be your own work. Make reviews between 20 and 300 words. Scale between 1-5 hearts with one being the worst book you ever read. Five is for a best ever read. We reserve the right to edit reviews for length and content. The reviews are based on recent reads, NOT NECESSARILY NEW RELEASES.

Reviewed by Robyn Daniels

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