Year In and Year Out

It’s a new year and everyone is talking about resolutions. I’ve tried them. Don’t seem to work out too well for me, though. I think about the extra pounds I gained during the holidays, or the weight I gained over the years at the day job. But I can’t seem to stay with an exercise program long enough to do any good. Let’s face it; I don’t have much will power.


Hold on a sec. Anyone who knows me, or has seen me, can tell you that I don’t look like I need to lose weight. I have long arms and legs (thank you dad) so that gives an illusion that I’m pencil thin. I’m not really, but do need to get rid of some of the flab that comes with age. Hence the need for exercise. (No, I don’t really need to lose any extra pounds. Happy?)

The second thing is the bit about my will power. When I set my mind to something, I can imitate a bulldozer pretty darned well. Give me a spreadsheet and a deadline and I’m all over it. I also have a tendency to be rather, um, forceful when expressing my opinion sometimes. (Again, thank you dad.) But if I know I ‘have’ to diet, or exercise or stop visiting the vending machine every afternoon at the DDJ…forget it. Won’t happen.

No, this time of year, I find myself making lists instead of resolutions – or even goals. If I have something to check off and have a visual to go by, then I make a lot more progress because I can see it from all the little check marks. Now if I’d just stop ‘losing’ those darned lists! 🙂

So do you do goals or resolutions? Or are you like me, listing along?

Linda Trout