Maybe the Mayans Had Something…

So far, 2012 has been a pretty stressful year.  I came to the states to help my son and his family while they moved into a new house.  I imagined Grandee playing with the kids while their folks busied themselves unpacking boxes.  It was like that.  Sort of.

On moving day, the two boys were projectile vomiting and the girl had diarrhea.  Oh joy.  We dealt with it.  It was a stomach bug that was going around and luckily the adults did not pick it up.  The next day, the baby got his hands burned pretty badly so there was a panicked trip to the ER and all the subsequent guilt and drama.  The next morning, when trying to take the baby to see a burn specialist, their truck wouldn’t start.  All this by the second of January.

I’m Irish enough to believe that bad things come in threes.  I’ve been hopeful that this trifecta of trauma is all the excitement I’ll experience while I’m here in the frozen tundra.  One can hope.

When your family is in the middle of a stressful event like moving to a new home, any little extra or unexpected thing can send you over the deep end.  The straw that broke the camel’s back, as it were.  I’m praying that we’ve seen all the bad things that 2012 will be bringing.  No more excitement is necessary to usher in the new year, God willing.

If it continues stacking up at this rate, I’ll begin to believe that the Mayans were right and the end is near.

–Sandee Wagner


8 thoughts on “Maybe the Mayans Had Something…

  1. Oh, Sandee, I’m so sorry…especially about the kids getting sick and the baby being burned. Things will get better. In the paper this morning there was a cartoon showing a group of Mayan teenagers working on the prediction thingie that you’re talking about and saying (something like), “This will freak them out in 2012.”
    Cyber Hugs,

    • Thanks Jackie! Like all kids, they’ve made a full recovery “like it never happened”. Even the baby’s hands look better. The burn specialist said in 10 days, he’ll be healed up. It sure hasn’t slowed him down much. I did extend my stay for a week. Hoping this one won’t be as action packed as the last. spw

  2. Sandee, Wow. You go somewhere and make things happen. I can’t even keep up with all the countries you visited in the Arab spring last year.
    Hopefully, you can visit the Mall of America or somewhere with a friendly “mob”.
    Please read the grands an extra story or better make up one for them before you leave. Maybe you can go to Hallmark and buy them a storybook you read which can keep you close to them once you leave.
    When do you return to the U.S.? Or will you be living oversea awhileaaaaaaa/

    • BJ,

      The grands are keeping me busy, but storytime is my son’s purview. The kiddos don’t want Grandee reading to them, “that’s DADDY’s job!” I tell myself that I raised my son right.

      Skype has made it pretty easy to keep in touch with the grands. Our only issue is scheduling a time when we are ten hours different in time zones. We try to chat with the grands at least once a week and then they recognize us when we come visit! We’ll be overseas (in Dubai) for another couple of days. spw

  3. Let’s look on the bright side, Sandee. Maybe you’ve had all the bad 2012 is going to have you and it’ll be nothing but good from now on!

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