(Almost) Free Money

Yes. That headline is correct. We’re giving away money and it’s (almost) free.

Here’s the deal. Romance Writers Ink has just opened our 2012 More Than Magic published author contest. We have 10 categories you can enter so there’s something for just about everyone. One stipulation is (per our name) the contest is for published romance authors only. So sorry to disappoint everyone else.

If you had a romance book published with a copyright date of 2011, then you need to check us out. The website is: http://rwimagiccontests.wordpress.com. You’ll find all the rules and info you need to know. There is a slight charge to enter the contest – $25 if paying via check or $27 if paying via PayPal. Hey, I didn’t say it was totally free, did I?

Judges are readers. And other writers. (We read, too you know.)

Okay. You want to know about the free part. If you place First in the category you enter, then you’ve got a shot at the dough. All first place books go for a second round of judging. The one book that comes out on top wins the Grand Prize…the registration fee to RWA’s National Conference!

So for a measly $25/$27, you could rake in some big bucks.

Deadline to enter is March 2, 2012. (But to be honest, the sooner you enter, the less stress you’ll have wondering if your books got here on time. OR enter your eBook. Piece of cake. )

What do you have to lose? Go ahead, give it a shot. 😉

Linda Trout


6 thoughts on “(Almost) Free Money

    • LOL, Jean. You’re right. If you won the Grand Prize, the conference would probably be right in your back door. But hey, we can always dream. 😉

    • You’re absolutely correct, Lynn. It’s a terrific way to reach new readers. If they like you, then they’ll tell others. At the very least, they’ll pick up your next book simply because they liked the last one.

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