Catching Up

I’m baaack. Like the mutt that follows you home and won’t leave the front porch no matter how often you shoo it away, I’m back. So much has happened since I last posted on Sluts.

Let’s see…

  • My DIL gave birth to another grandson. That makes two boys under the age of three
  • My DH and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary
  • To celebrate said anniversary, my DH and I took a whirlwind mini-vacation. We traveled to seven states in five days
  • I attended a ton of writing seminars, including RWI’s retreat with Jean Brashears
  • I took a haunted tour of Old St. Charles, MO and my niece caught a “ghost” on film
  • Placed 3rd in WTMB, Sensual Catagory
  • Oh, yeah, published SCARY MONDAYS, which Marilyn so graciously promoted back in December

And today, my baby girl, KT, turns 18. Fireworks and thunderous applause please!

I promised KT, I wouldn’t get all mushy. Of course, I’m biased, but KT is a talented young, published writer and a gifted musician. She has a singing voice that’s somewhere between Amy Lee and Jessica Rabbit and the curvy body to match. To me the best thing is that we’ve reached that point where we can be more than just mother and daughter. We’re best buds too.

Happy Birthday, KT!