Swan Song

I’ve had a good run with RWI and the Writing Sluts but it’s time to say goodbye.  I moved to Tulsa in 2000 and it took me a few years to find RWI but once I did, I hit the ground running. I attended meetings, conferences and volunteered as newsletter editor. I category chaired for contests and even ran for office. As a member, I remained active and engaged.

But when we moved overseas, it took me so far away, it was hard.  I can’t attend the monthly meetings and see the programs.  I missed the retreat and the holiday party.  It’s still a requirement to volunteer, and I’m lucky that I was able to work on the contest committee from clear across the globe.  The reality is that I won’t be coming back to Tulsa.  We sold our house and my husband advanced to the point where there’s not a place for him in the OK plants.  His next post will probably be at headquarters in Houston.  So, with a heavy heart, I am not renewing my membership to this fine RWA Chapter.

I want all the Sluts to know that because I’m not rejoining, it doesn’t mean I want to lose track with my friends.  I’m keeping all of you.

But technically, you have to be a member of RWI to be a contributing writer on the Writing Sluts blog, so you won’t see my scintillating posts for much longer.  Soon, they’ll realize it and kick me off.  But until then, I’ll keep posting weekly and giving you my thoughts on things.  If you’re an Inker and you want a spot in the lineup, Thursdays are available.

–Sandee Wagner